Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Cat and the Cruise Ship

This image is from the back of the Hotel Keti on the Greek island of Santorini. The cat here is the same pregnant female I highlighted in an earlier post.

It was late afternoon, and my wife Melissa and I were relaxing in preparation for what was sure to be another glorious sunset over the water-filled volcanic caldera that fronts the main town on Santorini. Along came the female cat we had befriended earlier - hungry for a little attention, and as it turned out, for food as well.

Melissa implored me to go into town and get some cat food. So I did - climbing up, up, up, and up some more to reach the main town level. I was back in 30 minutes or so, and we popped open a can of food for the cat. After all, she was eating for many, not just herself. She consumed an entire can of food in less than a minute, and the picture you see here is basically 'cleanup' time.

Now for the cruise ship in the background. What you can't really get a sense for in this photo is the scale of things here. That rather large ship is hundreds of feet below the level of Hotel Keti. Just beyond the cat is a fairly sheer dropoff to water level.

In later posts I'll add a few non-cat photos to provide a better sense for scale and context about the 'Santorini experience.'

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cat Tail and Water Pail

This is the tail end of the cat in the garden at the Hotel Philippi on the Greek island of Mykonos. She's peering through a square opening in a short wall that borders one of the garden beds at the hotel - no doubt spying for any ground-level activities that might require her further attention. She stayed motionless in this position for several minutes, allowing me to take photos from several angles. I liked this one the best.