Monday, April 20, 2009

On Santorini - One Room, Great View, Free Greek Cat Included

Question: What's better than a nice room with a great view on the Greek island of Santorini?

Answer: A nice room with a great view, and a free (hotel) cat for a few days.

Here's a shot that shows a little more of the Santorini town of Fira in the background, as seen from the balcony of our room (looking approximately northward). Our favorite 'hotel cat' has stopped by for a proper dose of head-scratching attention. Naturally, my wife was more than happy to oblige. No language barriers here!


stringedmusic said...

I was going over twitter to those who have tagged santorini. going there next year.

great picture by the way. looking forward to everything except the cat. im scared of cats. lol

but if you have any other advice id appreciate it! :)

David K. said...

Hey there... thanks for stopping by and commenting here. I'm sure you'll enjoy your Santorini experience. Just be aware that it gets very crowded in July and August. It was packed when we were there in August (especially the public transport... buses, etc.). Try to save some time for the beaches scattered around the island, and of course a sunset visit to Oia. (Leave early for that to be sure you get positioned for the actual sunset. It would be a shame to make the trip to Oia and then miss the big moment!)